Finding no barriers, Mu5h wanted an art-form that would create a hybrids of etymology, street culture, story telling  and the intaglio printing process. With extensive research, MUSH  created this collection of first ever documented organic graffiti prints in a collection called “Graffito”.

Utilizing centuries old print media techniques, spray paint, found objects, recycled material. MU5H has adapted and created new forms of spatial line techniques.

With his forms and beliefs of what art is in the 21st century MU5H composes images and sculptures unique to his stories, personal growths and emotional values.

These stories combine  people, fictional characters, cartoons,  and outer space intertwined with meditative landscape  frequencies, sacred geometry, human and animal forms all tailored on various media.

His stunning realism and urban compositions create one of kind works that you will never see anywhere else in the world.

MU5H LIMITED EDITIONS ensure one of a kind, exquisite, fine workmanship and quality that stands out.

A 3rd year BFA graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design. MU5H exhibits a highly crafted and refined process when working with his assortment of skills.

Especially, intaglio, lithography, silkscreen, relief and block printing processes.

A background knowledgeable about paper and paper making procedures. Casting and replication, felting, tailoring, digital and black and white photography, Mu5h has managed events, conferences, lectures, visiting artist presentations and various curating responsibilities.

MU5H`s expanding knowledge of printing, silkscreen, stencil cutting, relief, public space, installations, lithography, urban settings, typography, international cultures, graphic design, photography, fine detail spray-can cuts, and the underground juxtapose societies ideals associated with the past, today’s reality, and an unknown future.

To view previous print runs please visit; SEANDOWDESWELL.com


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