BPM, Photo Plate Lithograph from Photograph, 2010.


Chain Sawyer A, 2013.

chainsawyer A 12x12 color


Girl on a Mushroom, 2013.

girl on mushroom traced I am in the process of making a Limited Edition in color for this design. Looking to have a release date of Aug. 25, 2016.

Rabbit and Empee Shirt with a character I created summer of 2013.
empee girls shirt with devil dude cropped

3-D Graffiti Sculpture ProtoType. Basscoast 2013. Cardboard, LED, Latex.

basscoast zebra stripesHere is the link to the video on my Fan Page – MU5H BASSCOAST SCULPTURE

Oni Graff Bandana

ONI Graff Hummingburd skull

A personal branding crest. 2013.


Humming Bird Love, Digital/Hand Drawn design. 2013.
hummingbird with love with flowers 2nd edition 12x12in


This is an older design. I c all it Mayan Eye. Rabbit and Empee printed a few off in 2013. So if you didn’t get one you missed out.

mayan eyeA design I created awhile back. Was testing out some cybernetic animal hybrids. Then the computer broke. I will be so excited to do some more in the near future. I called this one Mush Lion Shroom.

mush lion shriom



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